Happy Clients

Carolyn was wonderful! Very effective, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Could relate to our group so well. It was evident that she has had a lot of experience and a deep understanding of our organization and industry.


She is amazing and one of the most engaging speakers I have ever listened to.


I left her class with things I can actually go and DO.  And I practiced them enough today to where I feel I can go and be more effective at work with my team tomorrow.  This was a very productive and valuable day.


Carolyn customized the program for my team so that we could have exactly the conversations that would make us a stronger unit.

It has been a couple of months since her program, and we're still talking about the things we learned about one another.

I was all set for yet another "let's bash Millennials" session.  Instead, I walked away with a fresh perspective on what I bring to the company and a better idea of how to relate to the older people I work with.

I didn't learn about negotiation.  I learned to negotiate.