Our Course Offerings


All courses are fully customized for your environment. 

Courses can be offered full or partial-day and online or in-person.



Managing Across Generations For Millennials

Millennials are no longer “tomorrow’s” managers – they have leadership responsibilities today, often with subordinates from other generations. 

Participants will learn:

Why generational differences affect worldview and work values

How generations prefer to be managed and rewarded

Ways to manage cross-generational conflict

”Managing Up” strategies to ensure clear communication and strategic alignment

Developing Negotiation Skills

My negotiation training begins with an individualized assessment of conflict preferences.  A variety of hands-on exercises help participants develop a personal negotiation style.

Participants will learn:

How personal preferences for conflict management align with a preferred negotiation style

Ways to analyze a negotiation situation and determine goals and desired outcomes

Multiple strategies to plan for negotiations

Tactics to manage each stage of the negotiation process

Leadership Skills for Women

Women face distinctive expectations and challenges as leaders; this course helps develop them for current and future opportunities.

Participants will learn:

How differences in gender intelligence contribute to conflict (and creativity) in the workplace

Ways to manage the “double bind” in negotiation and conflict resolution

Communication and impression management strategies to convey appropriate strength and confidence

Tactics for giving and receiving feedback

Influence Without Authority

In today’s increasingly flat organizations, many managers lack formal authority over the people whose cooperation and commitment they most need. 

Participants will learn:

How to analyze influence situations to determine underlying interests of all parties

A variety of influence strategies, and how and when to use them to best effect

Ways to assess and leverage relevant sources of personal power

Strategies to create and maintain long-term partnerships

Myers-Briggs for Individuals and Teams

I offer a full range of initial MBTI testing, analysis, and coaching.  In addition, I provide specialized MBTI-based programs that explore the impact of type on:

Conflict and conflict resolution

Reactions to stress and change

Emotional Intelligence development

Communication strategies and tactics